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Services and Skills



-Composition, recording, mastering of original and customized Songs/Soundtracks for Fashion Shows Streaming Live/Dvd’s/Tv/VideoBroadcast/Backstage, recreating the mood of the main Soundtrack of the Fashion Show.


-Composition, recording, mastering of original Songs/Soundscapes for Films, Radio, Audiobook,TV Ads, Video Multimedia,Video Events, creating an unique sound for the enviroment.


-Composition, recording, mastering of original Songs/Remixes for Albums, Compilations, Events Cd’s



Sound design for Fashion Shows. Creation/ Remix of unique main’s Catwalk Soundtrack. Post show Music Set

Sound Design for Film/Videos/TvAds/AudioBooks/Trailers/Art Galleries

Sound Illustrator- Unique mixture of sound and music for Storytelling/Fashion

SoundDesigner Soundtrack InStore Fashion Brands (Siae/Scf Licensed)

Soundtrack Live Show



Dj/Live Soundtrack maker for Fashion Shows/Exclusive Events/Gallery happening

Music-J/Dj Live Set
Guit/Voc/Band Live Set



Composer, guitarist and sound maker, musician/producer Luca Ramelli  starts to self-produce original songs remixed on tapes with a 2-track tape machine while studying classic guitar in his teenage years. At 16  he starts working in local radio station as a Dj, hosting a daytime live Program “Black Time” and a Weekend live mix Dj set Program. At the end of the 80’s he puts metal strings on his classic guitar and starts experimenting with sounds, starting up his first live band and getting first experiences on stage as a singer/guitarist.
The 90’s take Luca Ramelli in London, where he starts his own music making studio; with the use of a 8-track he produces songs and demos, for various artists, while taking an active part in the jazz and blues scene and jam-sessions playing with musicians from all over the world. A lot of compositions in this period were made also for Contemporary Dance performances and Theatre exibitions in London.
In 1996 he meets Guy Sigsworth,  composer, producer and songwriter who has worked with various outstanding artists, including Seal, Björk, Madonna, David Sylvian , Alanis Morissette, Talvin Singh, Imogen Heap. Luca after several auditions joins his new electronic Band, Acacia, following the release of their hit Sway. He rounds off the remaining guitar tracks for their soon to be released album and works on the re-recording of Acacia’s first hit, Maddening Shroud. A contract with Warner UK, an impressive video for MTV and a  UK tour propel Acacia under the spotlight. Live exhibitions in the US follow shortly in two historical locations such as the Viper Room and the Whiskey in Los Angeles with  Interscope records company. The legal controversy between the two record companies unfortunately blocks the release of their album, Cradle, and the band splits up soon after. In the meantime he meets Nigel Ipinson a fantastic piano/keyboard player, songwriter (Stone Roses, O.M.D) and starts producing songs and collaborating with him on a solo project Album for Italian Manager and Label. Also Luca starts with Nigel producing songs for Peer Music Publishing.
Luca Ramelli is back to Italy in 1999 , where he works on the sound design Production audio for radio stations (Radio Station One) and TV commercials/Movies (3 Mediastar Awards for soundDesign and Radio spot production). In 2004 starts composing original music for fashion. He has worked to date with Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Dirk Bikkembergs, Armani, Ferré, Versace, Valentino, Moschino, Rocco Barocco, Ermanno Scervino, Capucci, among others, stretching from catwalk original soundtracks to TV commercials and sound design for major events such as Pitti for Bikkembergs and Gucci Museum Florence.
When his catwalk music appears on You tube and My Space, the word of mouth starts. Following the requests of his web fans, in 2010 he publishes Sound for Eyes  Vol.1, 2 , 3, and 4, where he collects the best of his original scores for fashion.

At the moment originally sondtracks/sound design composed by Luca Ramelli are online on web in more than 100 videos related to fashion shows or collections campaign of some of major top Fashion Brands.

Sound for Eyes Vol.V is the latest album released with compositions and music soundtrack done for latest Fashion Video Shows.

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